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Civil Law

From the first moments of life, we have contact with the provisions of the Civil Code, which are sometimes applicable even before the moment we are born. Therefore, when speaking about the rights of each of us with respect to civil capacity, property, family, inheritance, obligations and contracts, a compulsory legal provision is incidental. Based on the principle that we face legal situations on a day to day basis, a body of legal knowledge is essential and we therefore consider it necessary that, in important situations which occur in the life of each person, he should seek the advice of a professional in the field of law. Over time, we have counseled numerous clients, being present in both personal and professional situations and we have concluded that preventive behavior avoids difficult situations that may arise.

Criminal Law

It can be said that most of the usual activities, when they fall into an extreme, may give rise to situations that fall under the scope of the criminal law, there being a fine line between the licit and the illicit sphere. Our main focus is defined by guaranteeing the full exercise of Clients' rights, involving the development of an optimal strategy to obtain the best possible result.
Therefore, it is necessary to constantly review and keep up to date to the new legal provisions and legislative interpretations. Our services include advice and prevention of criminal issues and also representation and assistance in criminal proceedings, both during the criminal investigation phase and during court proceedings, our team collaborating with former magistrates who are aware about the system from the other perspective helping us to identify the best outcome for our clients.

Corporate Law

In a legal environment where the rules are becoming increasingly numerous and restrictive, you have to manage the commercial risks relating to your business. For this, you have to protect yourself in relations with both your customers and your suppliers and to manage these contractual relationships in accordance with the specific nature of your business and also with your ideas for expansion. Not only do you need fast and reliable legal answers, but it must be tailored to the business. The activity of a business never remains static. Whether your corporate strategy is to expand or to explore new business opportunities, our experts offer you the right mix of legal advice and commercial strategies.

European law

There is a fine line between protecting basic human right and abuses from the state. Whether we talk about the right to life, the right to respect for private and family life, freedom of expression, prohibition of discrimination or the right to a fair trial, every individual must live in a society that respects, encourages and promotes individual freedoms. When that line is crossed and leaves room for abuses by the State, when the internal legal provisions and the national courts cannot protect you, The European Court of Human Right (ECHR) could be an effective remedy by bringing balance and allaying the damage that was done and offering the victim an equitable satisfaction. We are there for our clients from the beginning of the process offering tailored advice for every situation, analyzing the opportunity of filling a complaint and to reclaim their rights before the Court.

Energy law

The energy sector is currently faced with changes of unprecedented speed, changes that might be considered beneficial in some circumstances. Thus, we identify a major change, an "energy transition" in terms of climate change and competitiveness, competition and state aid, rising retail prices and falling wholesale prices, investment opportunities and lack of long-term economic forecasts, which represent a factor of interest for both public and private sector actors.
These changes require extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of the requirements of the field, we are alongside our clients by offering dynamic and long-term functional solutions.

Insurance Law

Starting from the mandatory insurances, regardless of the type of insured goods, and continuing with the optional ones, it is clear that any person has the title of insured person at least once. These insurances cover certain risks so that you have the certainty of being protected and compensated in unforeseen and unfortunate situations. Insurance contracts fall into the category of adhesion contracts and thus even from the moment of signing there is a disproportion of power between the parties and there are cases in which the insurer prefers not to pay the insurance indemnity or the established indemnity. In these cases, we are alongside our clients to ensure that their rights are protected and that their loss will be covered.

Labor Law

From the perspective of organizing the time of each of us, the workplace is the place that requires most of a person's resources, having a significant impact the connection established with the employer and the working conditions from the perspective of employee-employer, but also employee-co-workers. In this regard, from the beginning of the employment relationship it is important and useful to know your rights both as an employee and also as an employer in order to protect both parties for future conflict situations. Therefore, we can advise you in all aspects arising from employment relationships, namely the drafting of documents specific to employment relationships - individual and collective labour agreements, salary and compensation rights, non-compete and confidentiality clauses, internal regulations. We also provide legal representation in the case of disputes arising from legal employment and social security relationships.

Administrative Law

Administrative law regulates the social relations that appear in the activity of the state administration or in connection with it, like the relations between the administrative bodies and other state bodies, as well as those between the administration and the citizens. We are interested in attaining a fair and equitable balance between the prerogatives of public power and individual freedoms. Any right must be protected equally and thus we support our client and offer them solutions that lead to balancing the legal situation produced by the administrative acts issued by the state administration. Our services include providing legal assistance to both individuals whose rights have been violated by issuing an administrative act or refusing to issue an administrative act, and to public authorities whose activity is impeded by the citizens who abuse their rights.


In an era of continuous development from an artistic perspective, it is fundamental to protect one's own creation. Intellectual property is a legal concept meant to protect both the creator of an intangible value and the value created whether we are talking about copyright, patent or trademark. We are by your side from the moment of conceiving the artistic idea, both by obtaining legal protection over the creation and when someone has infringed your intellectual property rights and uses your work without right. Also, if you have a vision and want to develop a franchise concept, we support your business idea by offering advice and solutions that will maximize the expected profit.

Business Development

Can say that the consultancy activity aimed at accessing European or National financing is an atypical field of activity for lawyers, being addressed mainly to consultants specialized in European or National financing. Our eagerness of grow and improvement steered us to increase our portfolio of specializations, our team graduating a course accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Protection. Therefore, we can be alongside those who want to access funds or those who have already accessed European or National financing, by providing legal advice during the development of projects with non-reimbursable / reimbursable funding, assistance during project evaluation period, assistance in choosing the most suitable non-reimbursable funding and during the implementation of the project.


The matter of "virtual currencies" (cryptocurrencies) and distributed register technology ("blockchain") is experiencing considerable effervescence at the international level, thus becoming a field of major interest.
In an extremely delicate area where technology continues to advance at an accelerated pace and the discoveries of the recent years have paved the way for new progress, it is clear that there is a need to develop a legislative framework and regulate a cryptocurrency market. In this unclear context of cryptocurrency regulation, we are alongside our clients, offering them solutions that help them feel protected to transfer, store and trade by electronic means these financial instruments, thus taking advantage of every investment opportunity.

Tax Law

When we present tax law, we talk about one of the most dynamic area of law, which gives rise to many challenges from the perspective of the professional, and also from the perspective of the legal subjects concerned by the legislative changes. We are permanently connected to legislative updates and work on identifying ways to adapt to new tax rules. It represents an area in continuous change and updating and sometimes there is a gap of correlation between the legal provisions, which can lead to a legislative deadlock. In this sense, by resorting to valuable interpretations, we offer our clients optimal solutions for rendering their economic activity that encounters syncopes.


When we talk about malpractice, we involuntarily think of most situations of medical malpractice, but there are situations where malpractice can be identified with regard to professionals activating in different fields, for example: architects, accounting specialists, financial audit specialists and tax consulting specialist, insurance agencies and brokers, insolvency practitioners, appraisers and technical experts, tourist and hotel units, as well as restaurants. When the act is committed through guilt, caused by the ignorance or negligence of a professional, the person whose rights have been violated may request that the professional be held liable in order to cover the damage suffered. In these situations, we are alongside our clients, both individuals, beneficiaries of improperly performed services, and professionals who are held responsible for the actions taken in carrying out their activities and to cover damages caused to third parties.